Monday, February 2, 2009

Eatin' Sheep

The sheep got to eat and if you own sheep, but don't have a field of weeds, you might as well rent the sheep out. In Chandler you'll see the sheep moved from field to field.


Jarart said...

Cute photo. Glad to see there are still sheep in Chandler. I lived there in 1971 and it was a very rural place with a wonderful, small, old downtown. I used to watch the crop dusters spray the fields from my house.

Sharon said...

When I was working in Chandler at approximately Price and Queen Creek roads, I used to have a view of the sheep being moved from field to field. It was always fun to see them out there. I was going to post a picture I took from my window but never got around to it. Now I don't work there any more.