Friday, August 7, 2009

The Arizona Republic

This sculpture is in front of PF Chang's in Scottsdale. It's called "The Doors". Beautiful as you drive by, but just as interesting on the inside. So, get out of your car and step on in.
Here's a photo with me in it of the mirrored interior. I woke up this morning to seeing this picture and a story about us Arizona photo bloggers on the cover of the Valley & State section of our Arizona Republic. And while you are inside you'll get to hear sounds like this.
I love this picture. It's three mirrors in a triangle formation. I took a picture of one mirror with the other two behind me. No photo shop or anyother darkroom magic. Just a camera and 5 seconds of my time.


Steffe said...

Great photos. I like the sculpture. And apparently it took the artist six month to create it.

Anonymous said...

That sculpture looks pretty neat...great post!!!